You Have to Want It More than Anyone Else

Picture this scenario – You’re rushing to see your favorite band play at a concert. You’ve been waiting for this concert for months, years maybe and you’re hoping to get first row seats.

However, as you make your way into the theater, you see many people left and right. Most likely, each of them would want to get a seat at the front, as well.

However, you’ve managed to get ahead, but only to see all the seats in the first row are taken. Someone made it there before you!

The truth is that in a scenario where people are vying for first place, there will always be runner-ups. And it’s not always easy to deal with this type of circumstances.

However, success is not always about being the first to occupy those front row seats. It’s about owning your experience and finding the determination to once again make your way through the crowd towards center stage!

The Road to Success Is a Ruthless Competition

Each time the spotlight falls on a star, there are others who are left in the dark. In order for one passion to be fulfilled, many others are cast aside, missing their chance to shine.

In every field, profession or artistic endeavor, there is a fierce struggle to reach the top of the ladder. Everyone desires to reach unthinkable heights.

The dream to one day sit on the first step of the podium, having all eyes glaring at us, while the crowd chants our names loudly; that is all part of the drive which keeps us pushing forward.

Because let’s admit it, every one of us wants to sit for the curtain call and a chance to hear the public call out our name in adoration. Nevertheless, the big stage is only reserved for the few.

Along this arduous climb, many who dare to contest for the top position will end up defeated. It’s only natural and being met with failure is to be expected.

But to know that so much potential is left unrealized is definitely a hard pill to swallow.

As an entertainment entrepreneur, performer and Australian business keynote speaker, people often come to me saying there must be a way to surpass this. And, unsurprisingly, there is!

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Harder!

Things don’t have to be so bleak. Not every successful venture has to result in someone else’s definitive defeat and a waste of invested resources. It doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game.

After all, for the many involved in the race, failure isn’t the end of the line. It’s merely the beginning of a new chance to try again. And this time, you’ll try harder than ever before.

So, don’t look down on yourself for that one missed opportunity. Before you know it, you have gained something much more valuable than the proverbial 1st prize.

You will have gained useful experience, knowledge and insight which will help you do better next time around.

Your wit and skills would be sharpened to a point where you’ll be playing a game of your own. And this is the point you really want to reach!

Be the King of Your Own Kingdom

The lesson you should take away from this is that it’s never about playing someone else’s game. You shouldn’t strive to surpass others, but instead to focus on bettering yourself.

The true path to fulfillment is to dare to lay out a road of your own. You must be willing to risk venturing into corners where others have never trodden before and be authentic. Only then, you will have sown the seeds of your own success!

Despite the successful brands I’ve created there’s quite a few failures you’ll never hear about. There’s a few sorry tales of disastrous campaigns and disappointing results. But It’s all good! I just can’t imagine doing anything else which has proven a key driver in my journey.

So you have to want it more then anybody else, be your own champion, be your own superstar, blaze your own path, say yes to opportunity, follow your instincts, be eager and passionate, keep learning, nurturing your real, lasting relationships, don’t be a jerk, and free your imagination so you can become all that you want to be.


An Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’, a music theatre star and co-founder of the world’s most booked corporate entertainment act ‘The Three Waiters’, Darryl’s keynote presentation ‘Hitting the High Notes’ is a compelling story with walk-the-talk key take-home messages and is a ‘must see’ for conference attendees worldwide. He is a unique combination of entrepreneur, speaker and showman – a mesmerising blend of business smarts, engaging storytelling and live opera! It is a combination that has made Darryl one of Australia’s most in demand business and resilience speakers, headlining many Top 500 company conferences including the famed ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ in the USA.

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