Why haven’t I heard of you?

DARRYL LOVEGROVE launches his long awaited tell all entrepreneurial story and blueprint for standing out in a challenging new world. An inspirational insight into the business and life ethos of an extraordinary Aussie/Kiwi

I’m excited to share that over 2020 I finally found the time (funny that) to write my first book. It’s titled Why haven’t I heard of you?

The title comes from a question I’ve been asked a lot over the years. It’s about how to stand out in a crowded, crazy, changing new world. It’s about resilience and reinvention…and boy have we all needed truck loads of resilience this year.

 The book has now been launched! 

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About ‘Why Haven’t I Heard Of You?’

What do Sir Tim Rice, Sarah Brightman, Paul Allen, Jon Stevens, Richard Branson, John Waters and Anthony Warlow have in common? They’ve all either heard of me and/or worked with me and along the way I’ve learned a lot from them and plenty of others in the world of entertainment and show business.

Why haven’t I heard of you? is a question I’ve been asked a lot. So much so that I decided it was time to do something about it, so I wrote this book.

By the end of Why haven’t I heard of you? you’ll know a bit more about me and, more importantly, how to reinvent yourself, become more resilient and what actions to take to become more relevant in your career, professional and other roles in life.

A speaker, entertainment producer and award-winning performer, I was the co-creator of the global operatic sensation – The Three Waiters. After several reinventions I am now one of Australia’s most in-demand business speakers focusing on resilience, reinvention and the traits needed for business success for ASX listed companies, professional firms, private companies and not-for-profit organisations.

Sir Tim Rice comments about Darryl’s stage and business success:

“How did he do it? Well, talent and determination help. But there are plenty of other ingredients that lead to success and in this book he uses his experience in many fields to reveal what they are.”

-Sir Tim Rice

Order your hard back copy for $27.95
( plus $6 postage in Australia / $12 NZ / $18 UK & USA