Why Forging a Path to Success Is a Different Song for Each One of Us

I’ll be taking the liberty to compare the path to success to a musical sheet and then show you what all of this can amount to.

I’m an Australian keynote speaker who knows a thing or two about hitting high notes, especially at the end of a presentation. But I’m also someone who has reached some pretty high notes or international success with his business.

It’s a story of passion, perseverance…and passion and this is how I learned about resilience in the face of adversity, confusion and doubt.

And I want to share all these with you.

The Path to Success – One Way to Visualize It

I think it’s important for everyone to master the art of visualizing, be it in what concerns goals, personal conflicts, physical pain. It simply gives shape to the tens of thousands of thoughts and impressions which go unnoticed by your brain.

In this respect, the path to success can be seen as a musical piece.

In both cases (the path and the sheet), it all starts with a blank space. There are a few guidelines (the staves on a musical sheet and the predefined societal notions of success, respectively) which have already been drawn.

Now, here comes the artist – you.

How do you get to the end result, the piece (success)?

It’s up to you, to what plays inside your mind and your soul. Nobody knows that, except you. So each piece, each moment of success, will be the result of a unique combination of inner tunes, external factors and achieved skills.

How to Make Sense of Your Path to Success

In his book ‘Outliers. The Story of Success’, acclaimed writer Malcolm Gladwell eloquently demonstrates success is a sum of contextual factors and this sum is specific to each individual.

It doesn’t always take ‘grit and determination’; the path to success also implies catalyzers like luck, decisions which have been taken, fortunate meetings, certain opportunities crossing your path and certain decisions others make for you.

So if you feel like in spite of your efforts, you’re still nowhere near the definition of success you envision, you have to know it’s because you’re still forging your own path to your own kind of success which is determined by completely other factors than is the case for the others.

I have to admit, it’s tempting (and also the most natural impulse) to look around, see the success, wealth and accomplishment everyone else seems to be experiencing and think you’re trailing behind them.

The greatest asset you can possess in this situation is being aware of a simple, yet powerful truth:

Your path to success is always a work in progress and hitting the ‘successful’ status means reaching a harmony with the high notes you achieve along the way.

Just like in a musical piece, harmony is a subjective and fragile balance.

Internalize this, make it your mantra and sing this song to yourself before getting asleep.

Before long, you’re likely to notice a slight change in tune: you’re simply not going to give so much importance to others’ wealth status anymore.

Your success song is yours to compose and sing, not anyone else’s to dictate. 

As one of the Australian inspirational speakers who looks to change mindsets along the way, I’ve seen many people soaring to newfound prosperity once they acknowledged the uniqueness of their circumstances.

The idea is you always carry with you the understanding of your own voice (skills, cultural background, capacity for improvement), just like how a musician knows his instrument to a T and knows which chord to strike in order to hit the high notes.

Will You Decide to Sing Your Own Song?

You know, each voice has been created to be melodious.

But each voice’s melody is so different and nuanced. It’d be boring if it were otherwise.

So what are you waiting for? Get that task done, allow yourself the space you need, have that issue solved and you’ll hit that high note of success without even noticing it. 

You’ll be too busy enjoying your gift.