Conferences on any scale can be expensive – Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s) frequently combine Darryl’s Keynote Presentation with a solo performance at the Gala Dinner. This is a huge cost saving and allows the audience to have greater access to Darryl

Another popular event combination favoured by many clients is for Darryl to perform a solo show at a lunch, dinner or cocktail event while capitalising on Darryl’s skills as a honed and polished MC and have him also MC the entire event. The following case study outlines how Darryl’s services can be packaged in different ways to truly engage an audience while adding value for PCOs and Event Managers.

DURATION: Three days in Alice Springs with an overnight stay at “Ooraminna Homestead” cattle station 40 minutes drive from Alice Springs

“Darryl’s offering is totally unique. By combining business and performance backgrounds, he delivers a stand-out keynote at the beginning of a Conference, then remains to perform a stand-out solo show at the Gala Dinner – no-one else is doing that!”

Steve Rawlins. PCO & MD of DMP Marketing

“Darryl closed out the business end of day one of our event with a keynote presentation that commanded a standing ovation. He was the new kid on the block and came on after well known speakers Chris Helder and Mike Walsh and knocked it out of the ball park. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every delegate was captivated by his high-energy presentation. I’ve seen great messages get lost due to average delivery or delegates being too tired to absorb them. Darryl’s passionate delivery grabbed everyone but their jaws collectively dropped when he performed some opera within the keynote – and invited the audience to join him sing “Nessun Dorma” – a great surprise – highly motivating and it lifted the energy in the room. The standing ovation he received was totally deserved and instead of tired, everyone left exhilarated”.

The next evening delegates travelled to the cattle station “Ooraminna” to enjoy the gala dinner and Darryl’s solo show. “Under the starry Northern Territory sky, Darryl created magic entertaining guests with Broadway show-stoppers, contemporary songs, some arias and a (much demanded) encore performance of “Nessun Dorma” earning him another standing ovation” said Steve Rawlins.

“I’d seen Darryl present this combination of “keynote presentation and a solo show” at the AFA Conference and wanted the exact same thing – it’s a winner. A Conference this large is expensive – the fact that we only had to fly and accommodate the one individual but could utilise him in numerous ways made his contribution to the Conference more than significant.”