Purpose and Vision

We have all experienced some type of “high note” in our lives. High notes are the elixir of life, the things that keeps us all motivated to continue forward.

Our high notes vary from person to person, depending on what our individual passions and purposes may be. But how do we know what our passions and purposes are? How do we gain the clarity to find out exactly what our purpose is?

One of the biggest problems with purpose is that people never seem to be open to it. They close themselves off from being able to find a purpose. Perhaps they do it on purpose, or they do it subconsciously. They may hide from the fact that their purpose is staring them right in the face.

It all comes down to the Clarity of Purpose.

But what is that?

Finding our purpose is not something to be logical or analytical about; it’s a feeling, a knowing.

We can find a clarity of purpose by looking at our past “high notes.” What have been those moments in your life that had you feeling as though you were flying, those moments that boldly propelled you in a direction you felt deep in your gut was the right one?

Those high notes have been pivotal moments. They have shown you what your life was truly about and, whether you realize it or not, have affected everything you have done from that point forward. You carry those moments with you everywhere you go. It is in those moments of absolute clarity that reflect our passion, which aligns perfectly with our purpose.

Perhaps a past high note has been helping someone in need and seeing their eyes shimmer with tears of joy as they whisper a “thank you” that pierces your heart and changes you forever.

A high note could have been publishing a book, teaching someone something that changed their life, getting a promotion, reaching a sales goal, standing up for something you believe in, or perhaps it was just getting that much-needed spark of inspiration from the outside world.

To find out what your purpose is, look at what has sparked you in the past. Your purpose is what makes your heart light on fire, it’s the mechanism that pumps life into your veins and fuels you.

It is what you need if you are going to achieve some level of success and if you are going to make the dreams that you have, a reality. In order to have Clarity of Purpose, you need to have one thing and that is clarity. You need to have a specific goal and it needs to be clear. It cannot be something that is vague.

Sure, it is great to daydream that you will own a successful business, but if you don’t attempt to actually make that happen, and your goal is vague, you will never find that purpose for yourself.

Clarity of Purpose is about finding that purpose for your whole life. It’s also about finding the success in small things in your life, like losing weight, having more time with your family, coaching that team, volunteering at that shelter …

One of the best things you can do is to think of Clarity of Purpose as a giant spotlight. It is a spotlight that shines on your purpose and it is going to show you what you have to do to attain that purpose.

Finding Clarity of Purpose can be challenging but its not impossible, and it is made much easier when you follow these steps:

·     The first thing is you need to know what you want out of life, what is your goal?

·     You need to find out how you can achieve that goal.

·     You need to be sure, absolutely sure, that you want that goal.

·     Once you are sure, start to learn about your goal and read about it, this will allow you to visualize it.

·     Begin to see the details in your mind, down to the specifics of the shape, place, size, quality and more of what you are hoping to get, but what you also want to accomplish.

Now that you have this clarity, begin to remove the clutter that builds up in your life. This isn’t about getting rid of old magazines, it is about getting rid of the things that will keep you from your goal – those things that will distract you.

Teach yourself self-discipline so that you stay on track and give yourself every chance to achieve that goal.

A purpose can come about through careful analysis of yourself and your life, but it can also come about because you have one singular moment.

When I was researching the role of John Lennon in ‘Looking through a glass Onion’ in 2000 I stumbled across a clip of Lennon appearing on the Tom Snyder show and he said “You went to see those movies with Elvis in them when we were still in Liverpool and you’d see everyone waiting to see him and I’d be waiting there too and then they’d all scream when he came on the screen so I thought ‘That’s a good job’.”

A number of years later he was meeting Elvis as part of the biggest band the world had ever seen. That is Clarity of Purpose.

When I was 7 years old my Aunty took me and my brother into town to watch a new movie that had just come out called ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. It was the last kind of movie I wanted to see because I already attended religious lessons and it was the school holidays and surely there was a cooler movie to see. And I remember sitting there as the lights went down, arms folded, and very unhappy …and then this… rock opera story, this visual and musical …wonder unveiled itself to me and still today it is the single most life changing moment in my life. It gave me a clarity of purpose and it gave me permission to dream of being an actor, a performer, a rock star. There were plenty of high notes, literally, sung and screamed in that movie and I wanted to learn how to do it. Luckily I had the chops to take them on both in rock’n’roll and later in opera and experience the feeling of hitting them in front of many audiences all over the world.

Twenty years later the shows lyricist, Sir Tim Rice, was in an audience watching me play the role of ‘Jesus’ during the 1995 Australian theatrical tour and a year later I was opening the batting for his cricket team ‘The Heartaches’ at Henley on Thames.

So the high notes we experience on life’s journey is something that not only exposes our purpose, points us in the right direction, and moves us forward, but it is also something that compels us to keep striving for more of them.

Darryl Lovegrove is an award winning corporate entertainment producer, keynote speaker & MC with a global business success story of ‘operatic’ proportions. His keynote ‘Hitting Life’s High Notes’ focuses on his co-creating the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Three Waiters’, expanding internationally to build a global brand and surviving 9/11 and the GFC. Whilst sharing his insights on innovation, resilience and focus, he surprises audiences by inviting them to join him in singing ‘Nessun Dorma’, resulting in attendees consistently rating him one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers on the circuit. For further information email info@darryllovegrove.com or visit www.darryllovegrove.com.