Purpose, Action and Resilience – the Ingredients for Mastering Peak Performance

In order to cook an excellent dish, you need the ideal ingredients.

At its core, peak performance is the state where you perform at the maximum of your capabilities. It can only be achieved by having a clear image of your objective and the ability to undertake the said objective.

Besides that, you also need the vigor to stand your ground in the face of obstacles.

Make no mistake, these attributes cannot be obtained with a simple switch of a button. In order to master them, there is a lot of hard work involved.

However, rest assured, if you are determined to reach the height of your abilities, then this article will hopefully provide you with some answers.

It Begins with a Purpose

Many times, you may have heard that it’s passion that drives your desire to perform well. At the same time, you may be tired, demotivated and have no positive emotions towards what you’re doing.

You soon come to realize that you’re often required to do tasks which you may not like and that passion usually is not enough of a drive to overcome these obstacles. What you are missing is a purpose – a higher objective to aspire to.

Without having a purpose, you will find yourself lacking an intense sense of fulfillment that passion alone simply cannot provide.

There is not a specific formula to discover your purpose but, from my experience as an entertainment entrepreneur, a performer, a business owner and Australian business motivational speaker, the advice that I can give you is to start exploring.

What I mean by this is that by going outside your comfort zone, you will discover something new which can engulf and rekindle your interest to perform at the height of your abilities.

Ready. Set. Action

You will have to do many tasks which will not directly lead you to reach peak performance, but nonetheless, they must be done.

Here’s why – A task can be seen as a brick which you have to lay at the foundation of a successful career. You will soon find that each completed task adds another proverbial brick to what eventually will become a successful structure, testament to your hard work.

If you have your mind set for success, then, as intuitive as it sounds, you know that action gets things done.

Be Resilient in the Face of Adversity

Through my career as a business owner and Australian motivational speaker, I have had many people ask me – how to deal with challenges, adversities and the prospect of failure?

I often consider that you have to train yourself to be resilient, to better prepare for the obstacles which may come ahead.

By having a strong character, you will be able to overcome distractions; by having an unbreakable will, you can surpass failure and rise up for the challenge with an even greater impetus for success. The benefits can go on.

These are the qualities of being resilient and through them, you can learn how to deal better with stress and cope with even the highest of pressures.

Next Stop – Peak Performance

Not all heroes wear capes – Those that have reached peak performance only needed to master the trio of abilities which we have discussed in the article.

From now on remember that in order to reach the height of your potential, you must first have a goal to look forward to and to be prepared to withstand any challenges that you may encounter.


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