Peak Performance – a Never Ending Cycle

As an entertainment entrepreneur, business owner and keynote speaker, people often come to me seeking advice. Many are interested in the idea of developing a peak performance mentality or what we call it in showbiz ‘Hitting the High Notes’. In my keynote presentation I highlight these four points as the foundation for Peak Performance – Purpose, Action, Resilience and Self-Belief

The answer is of course a bit more nuanced than 4 simple words. You can’t be on top of your game at all times.  A lot of practice and work has to come in first and much of it will go unnoticed.

However, all of it pays off when you find yourself consistently hitting high notes in life and business – those moments where you champion your cause, when everyone takes notice and all the spotlights are on you!

That is why I urge all those who are keen to operate at peak performance levels to take a step back and look at a bigger picture.

Don’t Stop Until You Get There

Many people don’t notice the backbreaking work which leads up to the curtain call. Nevertheless, the reality is that behind the appearance of peak performance, there are countless hours of effort. We often hear about the ‘10,000 hours’ principle – it’s a good one.

The entire paradigm of success consists of many laborious efforts to develop ourselves. It involves a lot of action, determination and a handful of arduous attempts to push boundaries.

The main lesson to be learned from this is that in your pursuit of the high notes, you must always be active, ready and determined. And once you’ve built momentum and have the resilience to handle the curve balls you’ll start to truly believe what’s possible.

Only through a relentless work ethic will you be able to reach peak performance.

The High Notes Are Not a One Trick Pony

Some dismiss the idea of hitting high notes as being just a single act, or similar to a match which sheds light only once before burning out completely.

But we are so much greater than that. We are an entire matchbox and we can fuel our passions through continuous focus on purpose and action especially!

The time, passion and effort which went into developing your skills haven’t gone to waste. Comparing your prowess to an engine, know that it won’t lose its power after reaching its destination.

On the contrary, it’s more prepared than ever to pick you up for a new adventure!

Speaking of which, once you’ve reached your destination, there’s no reason to call it quits. You can only set your sight to conquer new heights!

And similar to the matchbox, you burn a match and you have many more awaiting their chance to shine.

Failure as a Stepping Stone Towards Greatness

The pursuit of success is often riddled with obstacles which will impede progress. If I were to say that reaching the high notes was just a matter of practicing until you got there, I would paint an unrealistic picture.

The truth is that along the way, there will be many obstacles which may hinder your progress. There may be back-and-forths and other times where you will be slowed down. But the truth is that these stumbling blocks can never stop you – unless you allow them to.

Besides, failures shouldn’t be seen as hindrances, but more like opportunities you could learn from. They are like checkpoints in your journey which help you rethink your next approach and strike harder the second time around!

The Cycle of Peak Performance

Similar to a clock, each step you make towards greatness can be seen as the clock hands getting closer and closer to the final hour. In the end, you “ring” the loudest when you reach the high notes and that is when the people will take notice.

And when those intense moments of glory have passed, you begin a new journey where you are already a better improved version of yourself.

Because peak performance is not just hitting one high note. It’s hitting that high note time and time again.


An Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’, a music theatre star and co-founder of the world’s most booked corporate entertainment act ‘The Three Waiters’, Darryl’s keynote presentation ‘Hitting the High Notes’ is a compelling story with walk-the-talk key take-home messages and is a ‘must see’ for conference attendees worldwide. He is a unique combination of entrepreneur, speaker and showman – a mesmerising blend of business smarts, engaging storytelling and live opera! It is a combination that has made Darryl one of Australia’s most in demand business and resilience speakers, headlining many Top 500 company conferences including the famed ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ in the USA.

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