For Every High Note There Has to Be a Few Low Ones

As an entertainment entrepreneur, business owner and Australian keynote business speaker, I am often asked for career advice. People are struggling with their conquest for success. It’s difficult to forge a path for yourself.

However, it has always been like that. Between those who have triumphed, many will agree that for every high note, there must be a few low ones.

It is to be expected that on your way to greatness, there will be downs, but that makes the ups much more satisfying.

If you are ever in doubt or second-guessing yourself, here’s what I have to say to you:

Life Is All About Making Sacrifices

For those of you seeing life as a game, be prepared for trade-offs. There will be moments when compromises are inevitable.

I have had the chance to talk to a lot of entrepreneurs especially in the start-up business and Arts world. And this has offered me insight into how it feels to be at a low point, where everything you do seems set to fail.

Make no mistake, I can attest to this experience. I have been there myself.

Since then, I have learned a valuable lesson. That sacrifices are not only to be expected, but they are imperative. Only by doing so, you will be able to let yourself grow.

It stands upon you to prove you have what it takes to overcome them. You must not be hindered by these losses or you will have proved that it was all in vain.

There’s a Lesson to Be Learned from Failure

There’s truth in the fact there’s a light at the end of each tunnel. Even when the tunnel is pitch-black and there doesn’t seem to be any faint glimpse of achievement.

Imagine that no one is born a natural at a given task. It’s obvious that before reaching a high note, they would have to go through many lows.

How else would they learn what their shortcomings are?

Here’s an analogy in hopes that you will understand this feeling better. Think of a chef who’s aspiring to be a master at his craft. He will have to cook many meals before even considering taking a shot at his masterpiece.

There will be many attempts which will end up being underwhelming. Not quite close to the desired result. The chef himself will be demoralized. His hands will probably be burned. But he will have gained more experience along the way.

In future attempts, there is no doubt he will be closer to succeeding.

Go for the High Note Against All Odds

One thing you should always do is to relentlessly push yourself forward. Do not hesitate to take a shot even if the odds are against you. The next one will hit closer to its mark.

Purpose, Action, resilience and self-belief are the building blocks towards success and peak Performance. And the idea is you will have to continue working in spite of adversity. And don’t ever think about quitting.

After all, remember that you miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Even if you seem to be at your wit’s end, what I hope to have achieved through this article is to motivate and inspire you. Look past the thin veils of disappointment and procrastination!

In my experience as an actor, a producer…there’s quite a few high notes but in between were a lot of low notes. For every successful audition, there were dozens of failed ones. For every successful show I’ve produced…there’s a failed one you’ll never hear about. For every high note I hit in a show there were dozens I missed in rehearsal.

Peak performance is not one act. It is not hitting one high note. It is hitting that high note time and time again. It is a never-ending cycle of purpose, action, momentum, resilience, self-belief and passion. No one notices the cycle. No one notices the effort and the hard work. No one, in the end, remembers the failures along the way. Because, just like the X Factor and The Voice and all those other singing shows, the high notes are what get you noticed. The high notes are what you are remembered for.

All I know is that I’ve always wanted to be on stage. I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

But you are also on stage. Life is your stage. You are perfectly cast in your life and it is time for you to sing.


An Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’, a music theatre star and co-founder of the world’s most booked corporate entertainment act ‘The Three Waiters’, Darryl’s keynote presentation ‘Hitting the High Notes’ is a compelling story with walk-the-talk key take-home messages and is a ‘must see’ for conference attendees worldwide. He is a unique combination of entrepreneur, speaker and showman – a mesmerising blend of business smarts, engaging storytelling and live opera! It is a combination that has made Darryl one of Australia’s most in demand business and resilience speakers, headlining many Top 500 company conferences including the famed ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ in the USA.

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