Why Is Clarity of Purpose a Must-Have Skill in Today’s Work Environment?

The best teachers are those you remember forever. But have you ever asked yourself what is that special feature making them stick in your mind for so long?

My answer is that this special feature would be their ability to convey clarity of purpose within their class – day in, day out.

They keep students focused by constantly revealing what the gain of each lesson is. And also, how perseverance in studying will impact their future. Thus, they manage to make students not only focus in class, but also be compelled to take part in a process relevant to them.

And I figured, we’re just like these students – seeking for those great teachers who leave a mark. These teachers are actually like the life-changing events each one of us undergoes at some point.

Life-changing moments have the rare quality of driving us further in ways we wouldn’t have envisioned before, just like good teachers radically change the way we process information.

And in a way, we kind of live for these radical shifts of perspective, chasing them without knowing we’re doing so.

Dealing with an Ever-Changing Work Environment

Our jobs and workplaces are a huge part of life. We struggle to get them, we struggle to adapt to change and then even when we find an ideal setting, we struggle with uncertainty regarding our skills.

If we don’t have clarity of purpose amidst all this ever-shifting environment, it’s quite hard to forge our way to success.

We need to be fearless in the face of change – just like the following 3 people proved it.

Before taking the eCommerce giant Amazon to a net worth percentage of +419% (by 2017), Jeff Bezos took on various financial and computer science jobs.

Martha Stewart, the successful owner of business ventures in publishing, broadcasting, merchandising and e-commerce, claims she wouldn’t have had success were it not for the “constant retooling of my peculiar and intense self-education in all things which pique my curiosity”.

John Grisham started out as a major in accountancy, then practiced law for a decade and only afterward, he found worldwide success with his thriller novels.

Clarity of Purpose and the Future of Work

Besides adaptability to change, there are some facts advocating for pursuing strong focus, self-reliance and a solid intrinsic purpose:

  • 62% of employers in 2017 favor soft skills (clear communication skills, problem-solving, taking initiative, ability to focus and sustain efficient work session) when making employment decisions.
  • the same kind of skills, a recent Wall Street Journal survey revealed, are particularly hard to find job applicants (89% of the CEOs interviewed report struggling to find this skillset in candidates).

clarity of purposeThe backbone for all these efforts is clarity of purpose. Otherwise, how will one be able to commit, immerse in their work, cancel the noise in the background and rise above any challenge in the work field?

A Bit of Focus Never Killed Anyone

The work environment is profiling to become even less structured, even more vacillating. So, without clarity of purpose and the strength it gives you, it’s less and less likely you can achieve something durable.

I mean, relying on luck is not quite a lucrative advice I could give you.

However, what I can offer as advice is this:

  • Formulate personal goals which clearly state a purpose.
  • Find accomplishment in small things.
  • Challenge your assumptions and preconceived notions – this is one of the most valuable prerequisites if you seek to hit the high notes because it helps you see matters from different angles and go beyond the surface level.

One of the deciding factors of success at the workplace across the next decades will be the ability to ascertain what information is worthy of consideration in the first place.

So do that. Train your brain to shut off, grind teeth and develop razor-sharp analytical skills.

Clarity of Purpose? Or Rather: Change the Paradigm

Truth is, executives are in a race of attracting talent capable of peak performance.

Do you want to be(come) that kind of talent? Then it would be great if you got this main takeaway from the lines above: formulate, update and reinforce a purpose. Seek the life-changing and the paradigm-shifting events.

And keep Roy T. Bennett’s words in mind:

“What you stay focused on will grow.”