Clarity of Purpose Is a Must-Have in Hitting the High Notes

You would have heard the idea that one must always aim high to attain great things. If you are doing something you’re really invested in, you’re more likely to give a bit more of yourself and go the extra mile.

You can’t, however, just aimlessly flex your creative muscles. Otherwise, you will soon discover you may have been barking at the wrong tree this whole time.

If you truly desire to be the best in your field, you must first know where the ‘high notes’ lie.

That is why you must establish yourself a clear purpose and follow it zealously.

Clarity of Purpose Is More Important than You Think

As I have highlighted above, it is important to establish where you’re going. First and foremost, a purpose gives meaning to your entire endeavor.

Before embarking on a journey, you must at first establish what its end is going to look like and how it’s going to feel. This helps you maintain direction. It will allow you to better identify what needs to be done for you to advance further.

Imagine your journey as if going through a pitch-black room.  At first, due to the lack of light, you will walk around directionless.

Clarity of purpose will serve as the guiding light of a lantern which lights up the room. It will lead you on the right path.

When You Lack Purpose

As an entrepreneur, business owner and Australian motivational speaker, I have had countless opportunities to speak with business leaders and to hear about their journeys in the pitch-black room.

What I have noticed to be a recurring theme among all their stories is their struggle to maintain clarity of purpose. Many of them at times lacked motivation, were discouraged or ended up second-guessing their abilities to perform.

It is during times like these the ‘purpose’ or the ‘Why?’ becomes blurred. Doubt in one’s own chances of success settles in. And once you reach this point, it will be difficult to come back.

However, there’s no need to worry, help is on the way!

So, How Do You Maintain a Clear Purpose?

People have often asked me. How does one manage to maintain clarity of purpose?

There is no clear answer to this other than the proverbial “go with the flow”. However, many years of experience have taught me a thing or two.

What’s important is to form short-term goals, so as they are a part of a whole. Ones which would be easy to accomplish. Upon completion, they would have to lead to somewhere higher, so they lead you to accomplish greater things.

Just think about it. Each step you take closer to hitting life’s high notes will definitely attract attention towards your craft. People will notice you putting passion in your work and they will appreciate you for this.

Besides that, personal satisfaction plays a big role in keeping you dedicated to a purpose. It’s the satisfaction in your own achievements which will maintain your interest in pursuing what you have set out to do.


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