Conferences on any scale can be expensive – Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s) frequently combine Darryl’s Keynote Presentation with a solo performance at the Gala Dinner. This is a huge cost saving and allows the audience to have greater access to Darryl

Another popular event combination favoured by many clients is for Darryl to perform a solo show at a lunch, dinner or cocktail event while capitalising on Darryl’s skills as a honed and polished MC and have him also MC the entire event.

DURATION: One day-Keynote Presentation, MC and Solo Performance at Gala Dinner

Geoff Brennan was looking for someone who would inspire small business owners with some key take home messages and also a Performer to close the Conference with a real bang. Geoff was ecstatic to find that not only could Darryl combine his speaking and performance skills but he could also MC the entire Gala Dinner as well. Said Geoff “it was the perfect combination and delivered on every count”. Of Darryl’s keynote presentation Geoff said “He delivered a great story of success with a passionate and enthusiastic presentation that thrilled our delegates”.

Darryl then remained at the Conference before closing out the Gala Dinner by assuming official MC duties. Later in the evening, he performed a 25 minute show. Geoff’s comments were “As MC of the Gala Dinner, Darryl was outstanding – as for his show – what a voice! I have no reservations in recommending Darryl to any Conference Organiser!”