Action and Momentum

It is often argued that everything that came into existence has a particular purpose or reason. Consider a hammer. A simple tool that is made to hit the nails – that is its purpose of life. It just sits in the toolbox, the hammer doesn’t care.

However, now envision that same hammer with a spirit; days and days pass by with him staying in the tool box. He feels clever inside, however he’s not certain precisely why. Something is missing; however he doesn’t understand what it is and feels this void inside it.

One day somebody picks him out of the tool box and uses him to break some branches for the chimney. The hammer is elated. Being held, being used, hitting the branches – the sledge adores it. By the day’s end, however, he is still unfulfilled. Hitting the branches was fun, yet it wasn’t sufficient. Something is still missing.

In the days that follow, he’s utilized frequently. He reshapes a hubcap, impacts through some sheet rock, thumps a table leg once more into the right spot. Still, he feels unsatisfied and empty. He thinks that he needs to be utilized for a much reasonable purpose. Then one day the hammer is used to hit the nails. All of a sudden, the lights enter his hammer soul. He now comprehends what he was genuinely intended for. He was intended to hit nails. The various things he hit could not hope to compare. Presently he comprehends what his hammer soul was hunting down from the very beginning of its existence into this world.

Defining your purpose is only the first step of the entire journey. You have taken a step to begin with and you need to continue that journey. You need to begin walking along the path, but how far will this path be?

Knowing your purpose means you will put everything into making that purpose a reality. You will push yourself to make it happen. Often that can take months, even years, to achieve. There is a famous story of a time that when a woman approached Picasso and said, “You are an amazing painter. I would give half my life to paint like you.”

Picasso looked at the woman and said, “I did give half my life.”

This is a telling exchange because it shows what most people do not realize. We all want to play like The Beatles, paint like Van Gogh, or write like Charles Dickens, but these things don’t come out of nowhere. Yes, there is a talent to begin with but there needs to be more on that. Wayne Gretzky was the greatest hockey player ever, but he also spent days and days outside on an outdoor rink practicing. Once the purpose is known, the effort must begin to make that purpose a reality.

So what is the driving force behind any consistent effort? The answer is simple yet compelling – motivation. There are only a few singers in the industry that can hit the right high tones that feel heaven to the ears of the listener. To achieve this level of skill, one needs to have the right motivation to practice and practice more. I was always inspired by great names in the music industry and always tried mimicking and replicating them. This constant exercise enabled a self-belief and helped me polish my skills from mere ‘party tricks’ to being able to perform rock and opera to a fully professional level.

No matter what your aspiration in life is or how indifferent your goal is, the key to success is to keep pushing yourself to your limits every day. The “10,000 hours to be an expert” isn’t just a mere made-up idea or myth by some random person to make you work harder. It is a whole concept given by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “10,000 hours of practice” in which he states with reasonable facts and assumptions that to master any field or skill, one needs to train and practice for at least 10,000 hours. Gladwell also stated that there is no naturally gifted performer and every individual is born with talent but the polishing of the skillset is what differentiates him/her from its peers. People see an exceptional performer and applaud him but don’t realize the effort or hours of training that was put into this brilliant spectacle.

Practicing constantly is what distinguishes greatness from mediocracy.


Action steps



The first and most vital step in the process of actualizing your next high note is to fully believe it can and will happen. It is important to realize that our realities don’t create our beliefs, our beliefs create our realities. We can only go as far as our beliefs will let us. If we work hard, and don’t believe, we are just running on a treadmill.


As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”


Next, in order to fully appreciate a high note, we must listen to and appreciate the song as whole. The journey is beautiful and exciting, too. We must look at the entire song and realize that it was the ups and downs and the fade-ins and the fade-outs that made the high note so beautiful.

My advice is to track your progress; pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come and get excited about how far you are going to go, but also see the beauty in where you are right here and now. The more we appreciate the good that is in front of us, the more of that good will be materialized into our lives.

Take Action:

Along with belief and appreciation, we must apply action. This isn’t just a nice thing to say, or a pleasant thing to hear, it is science and the nature of reality.

As Newton’s First Law goes, “Unless acted on by an outside force, an object at rest, stays at rest; and unless acted on by an outside force, an object moving with uniform velocity continues to move at that velocity.”

The tiniest step in the right direction, with the right belief and intentions, can give you a momentous push. If it’s that bestseller you are trying to write, start off with just writing a chapter, or perhaps post a “sneak peak” blog, or heck, write a thank you note to all of your readers; something, anything. Take any kind of step forward, just to get something out there and get a taste of what it will feel like when you reach your high note.

Continue doing so. Make a goal, perhaps, “I will take 2 or more steps forward every day.” They may seem small, but reward yourself with every little step along the way. Your steps will grow, as you do.

Allow Momentum:

With action comes momentum; momentum is the part of the song where the notes become denser and you start to feel them in your chest as your heart begins to race, knowing the high note is nearing closer. With every step in the right direction, you will begin to feel your momentum gaining speed and density.

The more momentum you gain, the more strongly you believe in the vision of your high note, and the more you appreciate the journey, which leads to taking even more steps in the right direction, which gives you more momentum; it’s a beautiful cycle, as they all bounce off of each other to manifest that euphoric feeling of the high note into your life.

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