#6 – Focus

A colleague’s son, aged eight, has studied karate for four years. Now a blue belt, his favorite mantra comes from his Sensai: “A black belt is a white belt who didn’t give up.”

Focus is common element to any successful endeavor and a necessary trait in ‘Hitting the High Notes’. Entrepreneurs can be too often distracted by the next idea, and it is only by having focus on your vision can you cement success.

As ‘The Three Waiters’ grew in popularity in both the United Kingdom and United States, our respective country managers were keen for us to develop new acts. But we wanted to focus on our niche. There were millions of people who had not yet seen the show, why dilute its popularity with another act?

This focus on our niche gave us the opportunity to not only launch the Three Waiters successfully, but also helped us grow into a major act in a larger market.

I understood why our managers wanted new acts. After all, if audiences loved The Three Waiters, why not encourage repeat business with another show by the same people? After all, it’s easier to get repeat business from your existing client base than try to attract brand new customers. Our advantage was our niche. There had been no other show like the Three Waiters before. By focusing on the show, we were able to double our sales figures year-on-year. Only when we were leading our niche did we think about creating other acts.

Successful niche players in business share common characteristics:

  • A specific interest. Rather than be everything to the market, they deliver one thing superbly to a small market that will usually pay a premium
  • A commitment to innovation and high quality products, rather than cost-cutting in the face of competition

Obviously by staying focused you are more able to maintain and strengthen your brand. Your brand is far beyond the aesthetic of your logo. My years setting up ‘The Three Waiters’ around the world taught me to always focus on the holistic experience for a client. After founding Lovegrove Entertainment in 2009 I tried to establish a culture and reputation where any client will find well mannered, professional, outstanding singers all dressed well when they arrive and when they leave. The performance will surpass their expectations and the experience they will have had from dealing with our office staff will have been an easy, efficient and pleasant one. Are we always successful? Of course not and in our world of corporate entertainment a bad review is far more powerful than a dozen great ones which means we can’t slacken off from focusing on the things we can control.

An Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’, a music theatre star and co-founder of the world’s most booked corporate entertainment act ‘The Three Waiters’, Darryl’s keynote presentation ‘Hitting the High Notes’ is a compelling story withwalk-the-talk key take-home messages and is a ‘must see’ for conference attendees worldwide. He is a unique combination of entrepreneur, speaker and showman – a mesmerising blend of business smarts, engaging storytelling and live opera! It is a combination that has made Darryl one of Australia’s most in demand business and resilience speakers, headlining many Top 500 company conferences including the famed ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ in the USA.

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